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Classic Solutions for Real Music - Against the Mainstream

Finely crafted, hand made Electrostatic Loudspeakers since 60 years

Unveiled and available  technology from 60 years ago.... or ahead.



Any better solution for classic 2-way hybrid loudspeakers than an ...

... ESLAB-1500/98



ESLAB 1500

The modern model of the Shackman electrostatic tweeters is the result of  a couple of years of development and redearch by reromanus. It is based on the latest material and production technologies, some of them, like the coating liquid, are the result of high sophisticated cooperation with a couple of german universtities.

The ESLAB has more or less nothing in common with the classic Shackman ESL type.  Efficiency, maximum sound pressure level (SPL) and  frequency response are dramatically improved. The usable lower cut-off frequency could be set to about 800 Hz. By this, it is possible to build 2-way hybrid speakers using x-over frequencies far below 1kHz. With fantastic results in reproduction of human voices and natural instruments.

Asymmetric geometries of diaphragm segments and the use of various diaphragm thicknesses (3,5µ to 12µ) in the same panel are resulting in an extraordinary directivity patterns.

In the beginning of the new reromanus Shackman ESLAb series, we radically switched from the old Mylar type foil to the brand new Kalle-Hoechst developments on OPP foil. We leaned on the H.D: Harwood (Harbeth) reflections on copolymeric polypropylene and the results are impressive transient behaviour together with absolute longevity, reliability and durability of system parameters.

Last but not least, the overwhelming results of the ESLAB series is a result of the new Shackman high-ohmic coating liquid PPPA2.5. It is an application of a nano-technology like use of organic polymeres and substituted polyacetylenes.





The latest version of the new reromanus Skackman ESLAB type electrostsic tweeter is the "ESLAB-Barker" type. It has all advantages o the common ESLAB-1500 type, but it has some revolutionary features, which are very new in audio sound reproduction. The ESL consists of a couple of seperately driven diaphragm sections. Using various filter techniques and polarisations, e.g. Barker coded or like a Bessel array, one can exactly define a desired vertical and horizontal directivity pattern. By this the speaker can be fitted exactly to its application purposes, like e.g. sound studio or PA. That is why the ESLAb-BARKER is often used in special Dabringhaus 2+2+2 reproduction systems


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Here you see the electrically strictly separated elements of our ESLAB-1500 Barker/Bessel arrays



Final version of standard Shackman ESLAB



All  ESLAB models  are manufactured as quads and are only available after order. General measurement and production selection (+/- polarity pair selection) with B+K 2215.


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